About Us

At The Original Hot Chocolate our mottos are:

Save our Earth, it’s the only planet that has Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Display Unit

There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with Chocolate.

Never forget to sip and lick.

So, we are committed to saving the earth, having friends with chocolate, sipping and licking and providing the best service which is courteous, on time and delicious!
All Original Hot Chocolate products are gluten-free and our dark chocolate is vegan, made entirely from smooth and creamy chocolate. All Original Hot Chocolates are extremely enjoyable, addictive and delicious creating the need to sip and lick!

Save Our Earth. It’s the only planet that has chocolate

In 2022, The Original Hot Chocolate and The Real Hot Chocolate became registered business trading names of The Professors Tasty Technology Pty Ltd when the business acquired The Original Hot Chocolate Company. Our mission is to reinvigorate the market with this awesome hot chocolate product.